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Born Frees Connections Non–Profit :Youth Community Development

Our vision & Mission Born frees connections is our non-profit company that is committed in bringing new hope to youth from Townships & Cape Flats . Our focal point is on improving youth education ,encourage sport , art & culture . we also offer programs to that introduces them to small business , programs to improve their life skills.

We are known as “3rd parents” being in the middle position surrounded by home parenting & school parenting , we discovered that 90 % of youth in townships & cape flats socially raise them selves , all our social programs are after school programs where by we navigate the most fundamental issues that are playing negative impact to our societies e.g high Crime rate , drug trafficking & abuse ,teenage pregnancy , woman rape , high school drops .

Currently We have just over 600 youth on our data base from ages of 8years -35 years old & our vision is to reach and change lives of all youth @ national level.

Our projects & programs


South Africa public education has been in crisis for many years ,the ratio of 1:80 per class have became normal. One of the reasons why we have so many school drops ,is just the influx number of learners monitored by one educator in one class. learners or students finds it difficult to concentrate in class as well as the equipment they use is not up to a good standard, there is a big margin between our private schools compared to public schools & a much more tension of inequality between public schools against themselves.

Our tutoring after school classes plays a vital role since we work on smaller scale number of learners per tutoring class. We have 4 volunteers who are education graduates , they are committed in teaching the vital disciplines mathematics ,physical science , economics & languages .All classes are on time table format & tutoring is in line with the national curricular .

Sport , art & culture

Based on our ugly historical facts ,the segregation that was established by a non democratic government left a bad stigma in our communities .People were even deprived freedom to sport based on their colour of skin .Which resulted soccer being the non white sport , mostly played in townships & cape flats and other sport codes being dominated by whites only .

Born frees connections aims to introduce more sporting codes , that will wash away our old history that have been repeating itself over the years ,our mission is to scout and develop raw talent and give them exposure to take it at greater levels.

Currently we have established football club that appreciates woman of power who are single parents. 95% of boys are being by single parent woman in particular .BELINDA KENE is a female director of our non – profit company ,Based on her true inspiring stories of her youth age ,origins of her life experiences & her current status we as an organisation decided to recognise her to be the face of our brand .

We have recruited 220 boys from the streets of townships & cape flats .we offer them coaching clinics complementary 5 days a week , every Saturday we take them for away matches & team building

Our wish list

Belinda kings football club ,was established on 8 July 2018 ,currently our non-profit company is unfunded therefore we welcome donations & sponsorship of pregame kit ,training kit, soccer boots , track suites ,bags ,soccer balls , transport fees to match games as well for team building programs.

Our club is running 3 soccer divisions .Under 12 ,Under 14 & Under 16 all boys .

Dance ,Art & Culture

South Africans are known for their best dancing moves ,from the streets of the townships to our cultures & customs . we have implemented exciting programs where we encourage youth not to forget where they come from . This is one of our unisex programmes that is loved most , As a diverse multicultural nation we use this opportunity to educate our local friends and tourists about our origins.

We currently working on establishing children’s stage theatre where we will groom raw young talent to tell African cultural stories through music , dancing programs & art .

  • We also complimentary fund youth to obtain drivers licenced
  • We introduce youth to business & guide them in registration process
  • Born Frees scholarship (from primary school to High school) 50% 0f capital we generate from tours is directly sent to our scholarship account .70% of our youth is coming from financial average families , the money we make covers their school stationery, shoes and their annual school fees .
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