about us

Founder/CEO: Sbusiso Nkosi

Sbusiso Nkosi was born in shacks of Mkhumbane located in KwaZulu natal province. He was raised in a township by a single mother, he is the only male child amongst 10 siblings and the youngest of them all. Mr Nkosi is a born leader, a warrior that have taken to his responsibility in bringing hope to the hopeless youth.

His motto says “Be the change that you want the world to be “ He is inspired by single parents , hard working women in particular. Based on his origins and life experiences he decided to start up a tour operating company called BORN FREES to become a small funding scheme of his non –profit company that does youth community development.

Since travel & tourism is one of the growing sector in south Africa he took an opportunity to establish a platform where he can share his personal stories in educating international tourists about cultures of Africa as well as how it feels to be a young South African especially in this interesting era of democracy.

Secretary General: Belinda Kene

BELINDA KENE professionally is a Pollsmoor prison administrative officer .she is a biological single parent of 3 children & a mother of all youth whom are offenders in pollsmoor prison , together with youth from townships & cape flats that are on Born Frees non –profit youth community development data base.

Belinda kene has spent just over 27 years working in prison that once accommodated our late former first black president of the democratic south Africa Mr Nelson Mandela. We are inspired by her commitment she have shown over the years protecting, educating & rehabilitating the most venerable citizens . Her daily work stories makes us realise how lucky we are as Born frees compared to where the previous generation of our parents comes from.

Unfortunately it is a shame that the world undermines woman power and consider Man as greatest , born frees non –profit company was found in recognition of all woman that works tirelessly hard ,day & night in raising the Nation ,Woman who mothers not only their own children but who are committed in shaping every child future.

BELINDA KENE is one of the greatest woman leading us from behind sins, a selflessness born leader that have been adding vast value in helping us plant a firm foundation of our non-profit company that offers exposure to life skills & that fight social problems in townships & cape flats .